5 steps in turning a sheet into a couch cover (NO SEWING)

Things you will need:

Sheet set (I used twin)

Staple Gun


Step one: This is the easiest step! I took the whole fitted sheet and put around the couch pillows and stapled the excess fabric to cover the bottom of the couch. (Example picture below)

FullSizeRender (3)

Step Two: Take the pillow cases, cut them in half and use the full thing to cover as much of the arm of the couch as possible, adjust and staple in place.

Step Three: Take the flat sheet, use the full thing to cover the front of the couch and drape the rest over the back.. At this point everything should be covered except for parts of the sides.

Step Four: Cut as much from the back as possible and use that material to cover the remaining parts of the couch (there shouldn’t be much)

Step Five: After making sure everything is covered and adjusted properly, staple everything in place. Viola! You have a couch cover!!!

FullSizeRender (2)

I will be posting a video blog showing you step by step tutorials on the DIY couch cover AND how to save your “throw away” furniture so stay tuned!!! 🙂


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