Ways you can use stuff around your house to save you money.

     Just like a lot of single moms, my mom couldn’t afford to just run out and buy me new stuff every few years when it got a little wear and tear. Honestly I’m glad she couldn’t because I’ve had some of the same furniture for years and intend to keep it for many more. When me and my boyfriend went from his parents house to the house we live in now we had plenty of furniture but the furniture my mom had gotten me from when I was a kid just needed to be thrown in the trash, so I thought. We took a good look around before tossing it looking to see what all we needed(wanted). The only two things we needed were a couch cover and a computer desk because I was in school. I searched and searched on pinterest and google when all I needed to do was look around.

  • Before throwing anything out, look to see where else it can be useful.

Instead of having to spend $40 for a desk i took my old shelves and made them into something totally different and it only cost me $5! I got some stick on wallpaper, and bars and screws to make the shelves sturdy and I have to admit I was pretty impressed with myself and the outcome.

IMG_2287 Much better, right?

After the desk project, I sat down and really started looking at my couch. Since the couch was brown and the walls are grey I HAD to either get a new couch or get a cover so I started looking up prices for covers and I could have bought a used couch for the price so that just wasn’t happening. After A LOT of thinking and researching I came to the conclusion, I could totally make one out of a sheet.


I have saved some much money this way and love all the things I come across. Instead of spending $20 on a sheet set at Wal-Mart I spent $3 at my grandmas thrift store. They were in great condition and 100x cuter than anything at Walmart.

FullSizeRender (2) Yes, I know it’s a lot of grey but it was also a lot of savings.

There’s a blog coming soon about how I did these two projects step by step. Stay tuned 🙂


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